The tide goes out


I could not say it better than Paul. We won the argument, we won the moral campaign and we did it in the most enjoyable, positive and fun way we could. Regroup, learn and return better equipped to deal with the Westminster machine.

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We stand on the shore of the sea loch, and watch the tide go out. Now is the time to shelter the flame of hope from the howling gale. No has won through fear and threats of loss. But the dream is not dead, the dream still lives within the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands who refused to be bowed by fear, who refused to succumb to the one sided stories of the self-interested. It is not a dream that will be forgotten. The flame of hope still burns within.

I’ve already lost this year. I’ve already had to grieve. But I will not grieve for Scotland, because Scotland still lives and hope still lives within me. I do not feel ashamed for the shame of others. Now is a time for building, for defending what we have built, for ensuring that the politicians keep their worthless words…

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We are brave…

 Amazing scenes at the old Nairn bandstand last night – with the Moray Firth in the back ground. An impromptu coming together of those convinced that we can be a better nation once again.

bandtand Nairn copy

Nairn bandstand last night…

bandtand Nairn_2 copy

A beautiful evening…

bandtand Nairn_3 copy

The old bandstand has seen nothing like this in years.

bandtand Nairn_4 copy

Our country is beautiful…

bandtand Nairn_5 copy

Dressing the bandstand.

bandtand Nairn_6 copy

A new citizen.

bandtand Nairn_7 copy

More flags and bunting.

bandtand Nairn_8 copy

Folk arriving from all over Nairnshire.

bandtand Nairn_9 copy

The party gets under way.

bandtand Nairn_10 copy bandtand Nairn_11 copy bandtand Nairn_12 copy bandtand Nairn_13 copy bandtand Nairn_14 copy bandtand Nairn_15 copy

Yes Cross

A really important message for Scotland…

Please – I would love to see this emotive and very relevant cartoon consigned to history. I hope we never have to use it to illustrate a point about our country ever again. No disrespect to the artist who drew it is intended because in 1979 it was very, very relevant as it is today.

Feart Lion

Now, on the eve of the polling stations opening, we must consider the following comment from Jim Sillars. Consider it well.


In the end it is not about currency, oil, banking, supermarkets or all the empty threats from a failing Union (I am astounded at how badly it has done in this campaign) and failed former PMs, but about the people of Scotland being able to govern themselves. So be brave – vote Yes tomorrow!


David Cameron utterly misses the point…

Mr Cameron offers to resign if he is ‘The problem’.

Well, Mr Cameron, with the greatest of respect, you are not THE problem, just a small, very small, part of it. The REAL problem is Westminster and its London establishment. It is freedom from Westminster that the people of Scotland crave. The ability to determine our own future, to have the governments we vote for, every time. To have a more compassionate society where every effort is made to ensure no one is left behind. To invest in the future with an oil fund so we can provide for those in need when the oil finally runs out. To become a green, environmentally responsible nation. To be a model for the rest of the world. To join the international community as a responsible and progressive country. To remove Trident and reinvest that money in future generations. Protect the Scottish NHS and improve public services. To readjust the political balance in the British Isles for our good and that of the English nation too.

This might seem like an unrealistic utopian vision.

But, we have to start somewhere. Without daring vision, there is no future. Westminster offers no vision. No plan A from the No campaign. just more of the same with purse strings attached.

We don’t need the Barnett Formula if we vote Yes. We don’t need more powers with Westminster strings attached if we vote Yes. We can have all the powers on offer and all the rest anyway when we vote Yes. We can have it all.

For me and many of my fellow campaigners, the vision can be summarised in one word – Hope. We have real hope for the future of our country away from the cold dead hand of Westminster. A better Scotland is possible.

Scotland, be brave, find that hope and put fear aside. Vote Yes on Thursday!


As the English NHS dies…


Folk in England march in protest at cuts and privatisation of the English NHS. The BBC avoids reporting this attempt at a people’s movement in the name of democracy in case it further pushes the people of Scotland to a Yes vote this Thursday… Vote no and the Scottish NHS is next…

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How lucky do you feel?


We are staring a UKIP/Tory coalition in the face after 2015 if we vote to stay in the union. Let’s be frank – that means goodbye to Europe for starters. UKIP believes we are ‘Subsidy Junkies’ too, so that will appeal to many voters in England that sees us as a drain on their money. So budget cuts are a real possibility. A lurch to the extreme right is on the cards – this coalition will make Thatcher look like a rehearsal. Scottish NHS left in public control? Nope, forget it, that will be dismantled. More powers for Holyrood? I never seriously believed that one anyway.

a4_vote_yes copy

UKIP is seriously bad news for Scotland and a real threat to our way of life. The only way to remove that threat is to vote Yes. So, do you feel lucky?



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Introducing the Nairnshire Indy-Cruiser!

IMG_1072 copySome of the Yes team in Nairnshire got a chance to take a ride out in the campaign car during a leaflet drop in Ardersier. The car will be touring the district over the next few days, so keep a look out for it! We will be working hard to attract attention to ourselves!

IMG_1063 copy
Despite the seriousness of the issues surrounding the campaign, we are determined to enjoy the experience – a roller coaster ride of various emotions and intense activity. We are determined to have fun and show voters that we have a hugely positive vision for our country – a country which will be very prosperous and progressive once it escapes from the shadow of Wesminster rule. And yes – we know it forever!!