Punishing Scotland

Punishing Scotland


Reblogged on nairnyes.wordpress.com. This is a subject I have been banging on about for a while, both online and when out campaigning. My real concern is the risk to Scotland of remaining in the union. No one in Westminster will be checking who voted no. No one will give a damn about ‘loyal Brits’ or will be creating a special list of no voters to be protected from the inevitable cuts that will follow a no vote. We are all in this together and the only way to remove the huge political and economic risk of remaining part of the union is a Yes vote.

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Scotland will be punished by the UK establishment if we vote No in the independence referendum, independence campaigners have argued at a press conference today.

The Scottish Independence Convention unveiled a new leaflet (pictured) with quotes from David Cameron, Priti Patel MP, Boris Johnson, The Taxpayer’s Alliance, Ruth Davidson, Nigel Farage, a recent YouGov poll of English voters and Piers Morgan, all showing evidence of the direction of travel of the UK’s political establishment and institutions to weaken Scotland’s budget in the event of a No vote.

See footage of the press conference here.

Lord Jack McConnell, former First Minister, has also said the Barnett Formula will “wither on the vine” in the event of a No vote.

Mike Small, from the Scottish Independence Convention, said:

“The point of this leaflet is to show that a No vote is not a vote for the status quo. There will be uncertainty…

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“Of course we can use the Pound.” – Alistair Darling, 25th August 2014.


Just be absolutely sure I heard that right, here’s the clip…


So, will the Better Together/Project Fear/No Thanks/UK-OK/Team UK or whatever they call themselves today along with the mainstream media stop this silly scaremongering over the Pound? We need REAL and quality debate for the referendum, not distractions. Real debate such as the massive economic and social risks to Scotland should we vote to remain in the Union, for example. And as one member of the audience asked, “If we are better together, why are we not better together already?”

What are the risks to Scotland of remaining part of the UK?

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Jim Murphy MP never answered that question on his visit to Nairn a few weeks ago. It’s a pattern with unionist MPs – Alistair Darling refused to answer direct questions from Alex Salmond in last night’s TV debate.

We hear all about the risks of being an independent country from the unionist side. Most of us in the Yes movement know what those risks are and do not hide from them when we are discussing the referendum. It is clear that independence won’t be utopia either – there will be bumps along the road and mistakes will be made.

However, it is not all risk and no gain as Alistair Darling and his troops try to frighten you into believing. Life is full of risk and full of opportunity too. Independence is a once in a life time opportunity and is not one that should be thrown away just because you are afraid of a little uncertainty.

But, what are the risks if we stay in the Union? We need to know what they are to balance the debate, something Better Together really does not want you to do. Let me offer a little help to Jim Murphy and his friends…here’s a few pointers…

Not always getting the government we need and want, no matter how we vote. It’s down to simple mathematics. There are more people in the south east corner of England than there are in Scotland.


Which takes me onto the 2015 General Election…what government will we see after that? UKIP/Tory coalition? A New Labour government with its commitment to continue and extend austerity? A Tory government with the likelihood of Boris Johnson becoming party leader and eventually Prime Minister? Boris has no love for Scotland…as we all know. Well, do you feel lucky?

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Uncertainty…when I am out campaigning, I am asked why Alex Salmond has not offered any guarantees. Well, in life, there are none. We do not know what will happen in 24 hours’ time, never mind in three or five years time. The same goes for remaining in the Union. The 2015 General Election is a real lottery with the odds tilted against Scotland. One thing is for sure, the main political parties will be playing to middle England to be sure to get into power. The Scottish voter will not really count – not even those who choose to vote no this September.

An ‘In-Out’ referendum on Europe in 2017 or even as early as 2016 is a real risk to Scotland. This is a policy being driven within the main stream political parties by UKIP’s agenda. A party with no seats in Westminster. No matter if every voter in Scotland voted to stay in Europe, the old statistical monster appears once again. We do not have enough voters in Scotland to make any difference to the outcome of that referendum…middle England is likely to vote us out of the EU.

In a recent poll, it seems that there is a majority in England who support cutting Scotland’s block grant to the UK average – a difference of about £1400 per person. It does not recognise the considerably greater contribution to the UK finances that Scotland contributes, nor its geographic challenges. A cut of 5.2 million by £1400 does not bear thinking about…


£1.3 (or so) TRILLION pounds of debt…can this really be serviced? How will this impact on Scotland if the debt has to be rescheduled?

Cuts to the NHS south of the border will put enormous financial pressure on the Scottish NHS. It matters not where the policy is made; it will come down to hard cash and that is controlled by – yes, you have guessed ti – Westminster. There has been a 6+% cut in Scotland’s budget over the last few years…how will the much discussed future cut of £4 billion impact on the ability of Scotland to meet the future funding needs of the Scottish NHS?


There is an appetite amongst English voters to see Scotland punished for having the independence referendum. Power could be stripped from Holyrood and the UK government will be keen to imprint itself in Scottish politics once again. You can be sure that good old ‘British values’ will be the order of the day if  the outcome is not a Yes. there will be no additional powers for Holyrood.


Want any more? Well, there’s Trident, not being properly represented in the EU and the UN, the loss of the chance to join the Nordic Council…I could go on. I think that’s enough to be getting on with for now. So, over to you Mr Murphy! In the meantime, how much better to eliminate the risks of remaining in the union and vote for an independent country where we can make our own decisions, decide our own policy and vote for the government we want every time?

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Tickling England’s Tummy

Tickling England’s Tummy


We will pay for a no vote – no doubt. A no vote is not just a vote to stay in the union, it is a mandate for Westminster to do whatever it likes and we will be powerless to counter it…

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Mr Tickle

Mr Tickle

By Peter Arnott


You don’t have to take my word for it.  That’s not even my headline.  This wee nugget of smug mischief-making comes from a chap called Tim Montgomerie and it was in the Times of London last week. Read it here.

Tim runs the Tory website “Conservative Home” – he’s a leading figure in the Tory Party, if you feel like checking – and his mission for the last couple of years seems to have been to use the electoral threat of UKIP on Europe and Immigration to push the Tories even further to the right.

Guess what?  Tim thinks it’s our turn. Hate the poor?  Hate the Disabled?  Hate the Foreign?  Hate the Scots!

He expects that we’ll vote No.  Then he expects us to be punished for being so annoying as to have had…

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Food for thought No. 23: More on the currency union…

On Bloomberg News…Stiglitz says UK would drop denial of Pound to Scotland.

Here’s the link to the article…



A new bypass for Nairn? Forget it if we vote No.


If we vote for the Union, it probably won’t happen. With support for cuts to Scotland’s block grant growing in parts of England should we vote no, the UK government will feel perfectly justified in cutting the money available to Scotland in the future, no matter how much our country contributes in tax revenues (a surplus of £222 Billion in today’s prices contributed to the Exchequer since 1980).

Things are tight enough as it is with cuts to the Scottish budget in recent times. Remove the suggested additional £4 BILLION (could be much more) from Scotland’s budget and you can kiss the A96, A9 dualling and Aberdeen-Inverness railway upgrade goodbye. There simply won’t be the money.

In fact, it’s doubtful that there will be enough money for essential public services, forcing the Scottish Government to reintroduce tuition fees, prescription charges and to look at private involvement in the Scottish NHS. No matter now much extra power we are seen to be given, Westminster controls the money. It’s as simple as that. There’s more on the story of how England could punish Scotland for having the referendum here…

Further information of how this reduction in the Scottish budget could be achieved using ‘extra powers’ after a no vote is here “How Scotland will be robbed”.