One (of many) reasons to vote Yes…

Reblogged from Wings over Scotland…what do No voters have to say about staying in the UK now? How can this be justified in the name of so-called austerity?


The Stevenage Advertiser, 22 July 2014:

“‘Lessons must be learned’ from the death of a Stevenage diabetic who could not afford electricity to keep his insulin cool after his benefits were stopped.

Former soldier David Clapson died aged 59 at his home in Hillside from fatal diabetic keto-acidosis, which the NHS calls ‘a dangerous complication of diabetes caused by a lack of insulin.

His jobseeker’s allowance of approximately £70 a week – on which his family says he was reliant – had been suspended three weeks before on June 28, for missing meetings.

According to his family, Mr Clapson was found “alone, penniless and starving” a short distance from a pile of printed CVs, with nothing to his name but £3.44, six tea bags, a tin of soup and an out-of-date tin of sardines.

The coroner found that David – a former BT engineer of 16 years, who had served two years in Northern Ireland with the Royal Corps of Signals during The Troubles – had nothing in his stomach when he died.”

We can’t do any better than that. Vote No, everyone. UK OK!


It is one hell of a way to get the unemployed off the jobless register…


An open letter to Danny Alexander MP.

Dear Mr Alexander,

Your position on the Scottish Independence Referendum is abundantly clear to all and in the view of many in your constituency, not in the best interests of your voters. Your support for the Union has been underpinned with numerous statements of how bad things would become for Scotland together with a view that a currency union would not be on the table in the event of a Yes vote succeeding this September.

Considering that you have described yourself to be a ‘loyal’ Scot, your efforts do much to undermine your country and your constituency. Furthermore, both you and your pro-Union colleagues have not, at any time, stated the risks to Scotland of remaining in the Union (as considerable as they are), choosing instead to concentrate exclusively on the negative aspects of independence. As a former Lib-Dem voter who has voted for you in the past, I pose the following questions to you…


1. Does Scotland – including its oil revenues, of course – contribute a larger share of the UK’s income than the share of UK spending it gets? (And I mean the SHARE, not the AMOUNT and remember, debt which has to be paid back does not count as “spending”.)

2. Regardless of whether YOU think it would be a good idea or not, is it true to say that an independent Scotland could continue to use Sterling as its currency if it chose, no matter what happens this September?

3. Your campaign keeps saying that independence would make our family and friends in the rest of the UK “foreigners”. Even if we accept that’s true, what’s wrong with foreigners? Would you love your granny or your nephew or your sister any less if they became “foreign”? If not, why does it matter?

4. In your view, would the rUK really build and patrol a 100-mile long physical barrier of some sort across the border if an independent Scotland had a different immigration policy? (Because obviously road checkpoints alone couldn’t stop illegal immigrants, who’d simply cross on foot.) And if so, what would you estimate as the construction, manning and maintenance costs of such a barrier?

5. The McCrone Report was kept from the Scottish public by successive Labour and Conservative governments for 30 years to prevent them knowing how rich Scotland would be if it were independent. Are you aware of any similar documents relevant to the independence debate which are currently designated secret?

6. If I vote No in September, can you guarantee that in five years’ time Scotland will still be in the EU?

7. If I vote No, can you guarantee that in 10 years’ time Scotland will still have a fully, adequately and publicly-funded NHS?

8. If I vote No, can you guarantee that the “Barnett Formula” used to calculate the Scottish Government block grant will still be in force by 2020 and set at the same proportions?

9. What will be the approximate set-up/annual costs of the tax-collecting bureaucracy your party (Lib-Dems) plans to implement in the event of a No vote?

10. In the event of a Yes vote, will the UK government have an obligation to pay the pensions of everyone in Scotland who has ALREADY qualified for the UK state pension, as would be the case if current pensioners emigrated to (say) Spain or France or Australia? I’m not interested in the Scottish Government’s position on the matter, I want to know what the UK government’s responsibilities are.

11. Do you personally regard Scotland a country or a region?


Yours sincerely,

A Yes Voter in Nairn.

Lying to save the Union…

With so little in the way of positive things to communicate in favour of the Union, the pro-unionist parties and individuals continue to resort to bare-faced lying regarding a number of important issues including the EU, pensions and (one very close to the hearts of ordinary folk like you and I) health. Scare stories surrounding the Scottish NHS, health and associated matters have been one of the main weapons of the Better Together campaign, as repugnant as they undoubted are. The scare regarding the Great Ormond Street Hospital of a few weeks’ back is a prime example.

Now, the ‘great’ Gordon Brown, the man that screwed our pensions and landed the UK into the mess it is in (exacerbated by the Tory/Lib-Dem coalition), is dishing up another health scare story. There will be no exchange of blood or transplant organs between an independent Scotland and the rUK. This is clearly a lie of the greatest magnitude and pretty repugnant too. It is a lie repeated by Labour campaigners both north and south of the border with relish. Cross-border organ and blood donations is an EU-wide arrangement, so again we see the latest ‘Scotland will be cast out, separate and alone in the world’ type of thing alongside an attempt to truly scare the Scottish public regarding a really important health issue!

The pretty despicable and totally inaccurtae tweet from a wet behind the ears teenage campaigner from south of the border...who does not even have a vote this September...

The pretty despicable and totally inaccurate tweet from a wet-behind-the-ears-teenage campaigner from south of the border…who does not even have a vote this September…and hasn’t a clue how the system works. My advice to Mr Doyle is…….grow up!

Sadly, the papers in Scotland all picked up on what Gordon Brown had to say on the subject. Lies or otherwise, none of the so-called respectable papers bothered to do what Stuart Campbell of Wings over Scotland did and that was to contact NHS Blood and Transplant Organ Donation and Transplantation Directorate. The reply, as published on the WoS site was as follows:

I can confirm that Scottish independence will not affect organ donation and the system will continue as it does currently.

I hope this answers your query, please let me know if you require any further information and I will be happy to help.

Kind regards,

Tom Kempster
ODR Assistant

Enough said. The lies that the pro-unionists will tell us to save this dysfunctional Union beggars belief. Be alert to what is printed in the papers – it is a daily barrage of lies and downright misleading headlines (in large bold type) to scare you into voting against Scottish Independence. The most basic of journalistic investigation lays these stories bare for what they are – lies and more lies. The papers in Scotland (which are basically part of the British-run media based in London and with a massive interest in retaining the Westminster establishment) will print any old lies from the pro-unionist camp  – any old lie to save the Union.


Ship-building myth busted.

Another downright mis-truth by the Better Together finally put to rest, The story is published in the Daily Record today. There are hints that this publication is becoming more Indy-friendly, but be careful of the mainstream media – after its continued and parrot-like regurgitation of the same old Unionist and Better Together scare stories and in many instances, downright lies, I still see it as a threat to independence.

From Yes Highland today…I quote…

To return to our nautical theme it would seem the No campaign scaremongering on shipbuilding has just been blown out of the water.

Some quotes from the open letter by the surviving members of the 1971 work-in at the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders.

“The UK Government is attempting to portray itself as the protector of shipbuilding in Scotland, but nothing could be further from the truth.”

“Despite the efforts of the trade union movement, shipbuilding has been neglected by Westminster governments, and there is a stronger, brighter future for our shipbuilding industry in an independent Scotland.”

“In 1979 Scottish shipbuilding employed around 35,000 people – but by 2012 there were less than 8,000, and the Westminster government aims to reduce jobs further from over 5,000 to 1,500.”

“So, the great threat that looms over our shipbuilding industry is the threat from no change, from keeping on the same downward path with Westminster. We believe there can and must be a different way forward – but that depends on bringing economic power to Scotland.”

Read the full letter at The Daily Record (no, really).


Let Scotland Go: An (English) Response


An interesting point of view…

Originally posted on Upholding English honour:

Dear Mr Izzard and all the other English contributors to the recent “Let’s stay together” video,

I am English and live in England. When I woke up to the real prospect of Scotland voting to leave the UK in September, like you and like many other English people, I felt an emotional twinge. I felt indignant with Scots who supported independence. So I followed both campaigns on the internet and got up to speed with the political issues that the referendum is about. I was won over fairly quickly to the “Yes” side. And so, I want to challenge the arguments put forward by you and your colleagues in your video of 15 July.

1. You describe the UK as a “family”.

Families are not always healthy. Even if they are, children grow up and leave home with their parents’ blessing. The Yes campaign has set out many reasons why…

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A little colour to the campaign…

This one is doing the rounds…and it is of local interest. The person in this video is a well known character in Nairn and Inverness. He spent a good ten minutes hurling abuse at Yes campaigners when the stall was last out in Nairn. It’s a pity he has taken his particular brand of campaigning for the Union to this level. It puts the accusation of ‘blood and soil nationalism’ (amongst other things) directed to Yes campaigners and the SNP into true perspective.

It does not surprise me, only makes me cringe. After all, the Better Together (BT) campaign has worked hard  use ‘nationalism’ to demonise the Yes campaign and the SNP. However, the video demonstrates another point – it also shows the reply by a panelist for Yes. The contrast between the local character who, through the use of colourful language, is clinging to the past and the reply from the panelist looking towards the future of Scotland is interesting – not just in content but in tone too. Watch it to the end and see what I mean.